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Jada Moore Ruffin, MD

Tamara Hartley was a Godsend to me at a time when I really needed some professional help regrouping and recharging my life. As a busy professional, with work, family, church etc. I was becoming overwhelmed and frustrated with myself. Tamara, and her Personal Success program helped me to peel away the layer, organize my thoughts, reframe my goals, recognize my accomplishments and prepare myself for the next level thinking I needed to pursue the dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

As a successful Physician and Leader, I found that I was always pouring out, giving, guiding and directing. But one day, I stopped to ask the question of where do I go to get this same in pouring? Of course, my family, friends and spiritual leaders are all but a call away, I felt like I needed more than that this time. I needed someone to practically speaking, help me declutter my mind, air out my thoughts, purge the stuff that no longer served me and begin to fill the new space with the right energy, mindset and actions to move forward successfully.

The program provided the flexibility and convenience I needed to make our sessions doable for my lifestyle. I appreciated the ability to have regular sessions that forced me to set priority times for my own personal development. Also, I benefitted from a few “Laser” Coaching Sessions when I needed quick insight and guidance on approaching some unexpected issues that would arise in my day to day life.

Tamara, has a magnificent way of listening and igniting your own inner being to surface with answers from within. I know I had a lot of baggage from the past that caused my present to be plagued with insecurities that weren’t helping me at all. I have all the credentials, skills, knowledge and abilities needed to fulfill my goals but let fear and lack of confidence leave my dreams smoldering and simmering. Tamara, helped me know that whenever, I’m ready to ignite the embers, and they would take off into a flame.

I’d also add, that her skills from her marketing and advertising background helped me to make a major ACTION step towards visualizing what’s ahead for me.

Tamara’s wisdom, versatility, spiritually connectedness and nonjudgmental attributes make her a wonderful Personal Success Coach and Friend.

I would recommend Tamara Hartley to anyone who’s ready to take action and Live Your Dreams!