Tamara's Multiple Endeavors, Projects, and Partnerships

This is my creative consulting company where I help Speakers, Expert/Nonfiction Authors and Coaches with their Signature Message and help them to create multiple streams of revenue around their core message. I also provide Branding, Marketing and Publishing expertise and services.

This is my creative brainchild that marries all of the genres that I love centered around empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. I plan to have live and virtual events showcasing inspiring stories and messages from speakers, storytellers, authors, spoken word artists, musicians, and artists. 

This is a live podcast show with my sisters in motivation Serena Brown Travis (the real daughter of Les Brown, as I was adopted into the family - LOL) and Dr. Stacie NC Grant. This accountability podcast takes place every Monday afternoon at 1ish via Facebook Live and will help you go from dreaming to getting it done!

This is a women's empowerment network I created with a few of my SIsterfriends to  help women be bold and to build their confidence and self-esteem. When women are confident, they know their true worth and are able to unleash their gifts and talents into the world and accomplish their goals and dreams.

So a year or so ago, I did a thing. I completed a 21-day juice fast and lost 23 pounds. I captured my journey and shared it via social media. I also  created an eBook detailing my exact process and how I made it through the fast.

What started out as a hobby and creative outlet, turned into a family-owned and operated business. We produce T-shirts, vinyl decals, and other specialty custom products. All of my children participate and help in this operation.

Some of Tamara's Side Hustles

  • Commercial  Acting (CAM Talent)
  • Corporate Industrial and Training Videos
  • Voice Acting (Radio Ads, Voice Greetings, Audiobooks)
  • First Fit Model (Gwynnie Bee)