3 Ways to Get Over Past Mistakes and Disappointment

Are you still blaming yourself for mistakes you made that cost you an opportunity?

Are you still bitter over a breakup or getting passed over for that promotion you were more than qualified for?

I want to help you learn how to get unstuck and move beyond a mistake or disappointment.

Let’s get this straight, we all make mistakes and we all have suffered a disappointment or two… or three or four… or God knows how many. Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes we get a little lost in the turn. We get down on ourselves for making mistakes so much that, instead of focusing on solutions to correct or change the situation we are caught up in, we become stuck and stagnant.

We have all been there, and that includes me. And so I am sharing with you a few strategies that will help you get unstuck and move beyond your mistakes and disappointments.

#1 Accept the Facts of Life

One of my favorite television shows growing up was the ‘Facts of Life’. When the show first comes on, the theme song goes as:

You take the good,

you take the bad,

you take them both and

there you have the facts of life,

the facts of life.

There are going to be what we consider positive and negative experiences. I knew at an early age that there would be some good and there would be some bad, but it will all be a part of life—part of the process. Except that not every day is going to be perfect.

You will make mistakes. When you do, take responsibility and exert every effort to correct that mistake in order to move on.

#2 Forgive Yourself and Others

It’s very important to release yourself from your past mistakes. While you can’t change them, you can definitely learn from them. Stop beating yourself up. Use your mistakes as building blocks instead of casting stones.

I’m sure you’ve heard that forgiving others is for you and not the person you need to forgive. I actually believe this, and I have learned from experience that in most cases, while you are busy fussing and complaining and being miserable, that person you had issues with is out there living their life to the fullest. Forgiveness gives you the freedom to move on.

#3 Decide to Move Forward

All it takes is a decision. Really!

Decide that today is the last day you will beat yourself up or hold a private pity party.

Decide that today is the last day you will hold on to bitterness about that relationship or about that promotion. Align yourself to focus on building a new relationship, setting your sites on another job, or getting a better job.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, when you make a decision, take action for that decision. Begin to do things that support that decision and help you move forward in life.


Remember, life is not about being stuck dwelling on your wouldda, couldda, shouldda’s or your past mistakes or playing the blame game. Also, being unforgiving to yourself and others won’t help either. Life is about loving, living, forgiving, learning and progressing.

So, keep moving forward.

I hope you got something that you can use to improve on yourself. Decide to make a positive change in your life and take action to bring back prosperity in life by forgiving yourself and others, accepting life’s facts and deciding to move forward.

If you enjoyed reading this and learned something that could be beneficial, share it with others who are feeling trapped by their past mistakes or disappointments. Help people grow out of their mistakes and disappointments.

Also, leave your likes and comments below. Let me know how you put these strategies to use in your life.


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